Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.15 In reply to 1727.14 
Hi Pilou, yup that way definitely works, and it is fine to use Move to move in one direction at a time like that.

You can also type in a "relative" point for Move to handle the movement part all in one step.

To do that, you would do these steps:

Draw circle at the corner
Select circle
Click Center of circle as base point
Type r1.2,-1.1 <enter>

When you enter a point using "r" as the first character that indicates that it is a "relative" point that is a shift away from the base point using the specified distances in x,y,z .

So if you know you want to shift by a certain amount in x and in y, you can use that "relative" point method to specify it all in one step if you want.

If you are not doing it very frequently then just doing it using the distance constraint and using move twice is not a problem. If you are doing this kind of thing frequently then maybe entering relative points may be more comfortable.

- Michael