Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.13 In reply to 1727.12 
Hi Pilou,

> Why not simply use helpers lines?

The construction lines work great if you want to get a point that is aligned in a straight direction from another one.

But in this case there is no existing snap points to grab along those lines - the desired end location was 1.1 units along one line, and 1.2 units along another line.

If there was a point to lock on to at those positions in the x and y axis, then a construction line would work great, that would be something like this:

Notice how in my example here there are some endpoints to grab on to - construction lines work really well and quickly to line things up in cases like these.

Now look at the original picture that was posted - there is no individual snap point available at 1.2 and 1.1 units along those lines, so you will need to enter some numeric values to get them, there just are not any other endpoints or other individually targetable points in that specific spot to grab on to which is what you would need to use a construction line.

I guess it is a bit hard to describe, the easiest answer is to just try it yourself and see why you need to have some numeric entry to get the desired result.

Please note that the original question was not just how to make a point kind of in that general area, but very specifically how to make it 1.2 units over and 1.1 units down.

- Michael