MoI in Develop3D magazine

 From:  Michael T. (MICTU_UTCIM)
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Michael G. & all,

I have been using MoI IGES files back and forth with both Pro-E an Unigraphics for mechanical features and graphics such as specialized text in models that have been used to produce production injection molding tools and I have had no problems with the models or any issues from tool makers regarding these features. MoI is perfect for the things I have used it for. It can handle some of the surfacing and mechanical tasks that seem to take forever in parametric history based systems in a matter of minutes.

MoI is accurate enough to handle some of my most complex tasks, and I will continue to keep it as a valuable tool in my Product Development Toolchest.

I have been designing products for 20 years and BC (Before CAD) and I like to think I know a good tool when I use it.

Keep up the good work Michael G!

Michael T.
Michael Tuttle a.k.a. mictu