mesh cleanup?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1718.2 In reply to 1718.1 
Hi rajah,

> <...> I used MOI for a bit during the beta <...>
> My one gripe was that after doing many booleans, duplicates of
> the objects would inexplicably be created in the same model space.

There was a bug that was causing this in some earlier beta versions, it should be fixed up since about June of last year (along with many other things as well).

I'm not quite sure if you are talking about a problem you have run into with the v1 release, or one that you ran into with an old beta version?

If you're running into duplicated objects with a current verison, please let me know and if you can possibly send me an example model (to or some steps on how to reproduce the problem that would definitely be helpful.

But I would normally expect that you should not have any duplicated objects in MoI anymore, so that whole cleanup step just should not be necessary now.

> I also noticed that on the wishlist page there is a mention of adding
> feet AND inches input. Is this something that would be addressed
> in the near future (i.e. v2 beta?)

Yes, I'm going to try and get this pretty soon in v2. This has definitely been one of the top requests from architectural users, along with SAT export to enable data transfer into Revit, which will also be coming pretty soon in a v2 beta as well.

> Last question :) I noticed a post about an educational discount. I'm
> currently a student in an architectural masters program, is there an
> educational discount for individual purchases or just for group purchases?

At the moment I only have something to send to teachers for a lab type situation.

I don't currently have something for individual student purchases, but I am going to be looking into that to see if I can get someone to handle that for me. There is some overhead involved in that like verifying student IDs and such, at the moment I am not really set up to handle that.

- Michael