mesh cleanup?

 From:  rajah
I'm a fairly proficient MODO user. I used MOI for a bit during the beta and liked its ability to create many archviz shapes via booleans etc in a quick and efficient manner.

My one gripe was that after doing many booleans, duplicates of the objects would inexplicably be created in the same model space. When bringing these items into MODO for rendering I run a script called mesh cleanup that takes all of the duplicate polys and verts and merge / unifies them. The problem with this is that this script seemingly randomly decides which poly to keep leaving the end result in a much greater mess (polys seemingly randomly flipped all over the model). I think it does this b/c in some cases there were as many as 4 objects existing in the same space while adjacent polys had no duplication.

Is there a command / script that cleans up and deletes the duplicated geometry inside MOI? If I could bring in a cleaner mesh into modo it would cut down my cleanup time to practically nothing and would greatly influence my purchase of this product.

I also noticed that on the wishlist page there is a mention of adding feet AND inches input. Is this something that would be addressed in the near future (i.e. v2 beta?)

Last question :) I noticed a post about an educational discount. I'm currently a student in an architectural masters program, is there an educational discount for individual purchases or just for group purchases?