MoI V1 and MoI V2

 From:  WillBellJr
"What I have been doing is creating my own "book". Each time I see a technique explained on the forum, I copy/paste the text and images into Word under the proper category. So now I have a nice, on-going reference document that supplements the manual."

I do the same but let me recommend two other programs that are better suited for the task - WinOrganizer OR TreeDBNotes:

These programs are similar to Word in that they let you edit >rich text< with formatting, tables and images etc., BUT in addition, they also allow you to create hyperlinks to other notes, files on your hard drive and web pages.

You can even attach files (think MoI updates and patches) into your documents!

In addition to that, they offer a Treeview where you can organize your information into relationships.

Of course you can also encrypt and password protect sensitive sections of your data or the entire file if you feel the need to (I have all of my internet passwords and logins saved, along with links to the target webpages - no more lost or forgotten passwords - the password generator also allows me to create and use more secure passwords too!)

TreeDBNotes has the better GUI but WinOrganizer IMO is more mature and feature rich.

I originally purchased WinOrganizer when I was looking for a program that would allow me to develop my game design documents - being able to link sections to each other, attach images, code snippets and links to graphics and game deisign articles and websites was simply way more powerful to me over using MS Word!

I just recently created a "Downloads" file that contains all of my utilities, program patches and installers (along with their serial numbers), PDF manual attachments etc., along with any links to their associated webpages.

The file is nearly 3Gigs in size but having it on a 16-gig USB key lets me keep all my data with me at all times!

When Michael gives out a patch to MoI, I immediately open my file to the "MoI" section, drag in the zip as an attachment and either copy/paste the info he writes about the update or I just copy the link to the webpage in an associated note so I KNOW what the zipfile is used for.
(This is way better for me now than when I just had my usb key full of zips and downloads not remembering what each was for or where I got them from!)

Highly recommended tools for EVERYDAY use!
(If you don't find yourself copying info into your file(s) on nearly a daily basis, you're not getting the real benefits of what these programs have to offer!)


PS - TreeDBNotes even lets you create eBooks that are standalone and can be distributed and viewed by the free associated viewer.