remote thingy

 From:  rampackwobble

still learning and playing. I think it must be time to read the manual (but where is the fun in that ?) as I could not get some things to work as expected. Still I know more than I did yesterday :)

Very impressed with how easy it is to draw out required shapes with outlines and then trim and join them together - worth the cost just for the 2d drawing set !

Should of made the buttons bigger.

Not happy with materials and lighting and I don't know how to add text for the buttons - obviously something else I need to learn in modo....

Any and all comments welcomed.

edit - forgot to say I've also just found out about the scripts you can download - very handy ! Thanks to the people who have been doing them. The ones I am using most are the quick zoom to one window and the inc/dec the grid steps.
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