Developable surfaces whish

 From:  Fredrik (FREDRIKW)
and excuse mee if i am repeating whishes whished before...

I think developable surface unrolling would be a good idea.
A lot of nice things can be made from single curved surfaces.
Here are some nice examples:
It also has a great usefullness in making boat hulls, where you want it when the materials involved cannot be stretched.

Some curvature analysis tools
Max and min curvature points of curves, and inflecion points would be useful.
Marking the very point of max/min values, with a point object, is what i am thinking of.
I like the idea of having the exact point, instead of the color map often found in other progs.
Maby this can be extended to surfaces too.

I have a feeling such things are in Mois ally, just not sure how much focus it should have.
Any comments/other ideas?