Complaint by Steph

 From:  Michael Gibson
170.31 In reply to 170.24 
> An undo / Redo for the selection :)
> When you select 50 lines(object)...if one miss all is to redo :D

This is on my list already. :) It will probably happen in a beta after image planes and arrays are implemented.

> Another thing : here bottom windows are "reclosed" but drawings stay alive
> and imposible to erase it!
> So a "cleaner tool" for old drawings :)

Can he post a model that shows this problem?

The videos and screenshots are great, but many times it would also be quite helpful to get a model along with them. The model gives me something that I can examine in much more detail. Some problems are also dependent on very small factors such as the position or shapes of objects, so they can sometimes be hard to recreate just by looking at a video.

> Video who show a boolean union with persistant lines!

These lines look like they are just edges where some surfaces are joined to each other. This is not necessarily a really unusual thing, imagine if you draw 3 planes and move them so they have a common edge, then use "Join" to join them together at their edges - this will create an object that has some interior edges, even though it is all one flat shape. This is likely what you have here.

But the boolean union is supposed to try and combine planes together to simplify the end result, for some reason that is not happening in some cases. If you can post a model that shows this, it would help to track it down and see if the plane-combining mechanism can be improved. A quick way to fix this is to select those faces that you don't want, do delete to remove them, then select the object and do Construct/Planar to fill in the planar hole with a new single clean plane.

> Ps Have you some plan for a "reccording script" of all actions when
> objects are modelized? For replay the creation as a pedagogic and funny way :)

There is a plan for something similar to this in the future, but not for V1 though.

> With all this thrad time of developpment will be * 3 :)

:) That's ok, this information is very important for me to get, it is of great help to me. It takes time but it helps me do more intelligent work in the future to improve the program. So it is time well spent.

> Pss For a grammatical point does the word "complaint" is convenient
> for you or "request" seems better?

:) In English "complaint" is maybe kind of negative, "request" is more polite. But don't worry Pilou, I don't take any offense, I understand you just fine which is what I really care about! :)

- Michael