Complaint by Steph

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
Some news complaints and info :)
System of group and hide something like that

And something seems ennuyous with the "grid"
An "infinite grid"on 2D views will be cool :)
When you change the numbers, scale change also :(
or maybe you have a"trick"?

Info about the process of creation of "Letter" in Moi after import "lines"
("back" are "fileted") is there loops inside?"/img"">
2 meg rar file 3dm
Chamfer on a path = chamfer on a curve
Like a filet on a curve (2D)
Seems don't work with a chamfer? (missed something? )

Another thing when you choose "Chamfer" (in normal volumes use) and Input the 2 dimensions
Snapping grid seems disable ( I suppose for the dimension with decimal point but...:)

Ps A "circular" cursor resizable for select points when some numerous "show points" is enable :)
Useful for modify a complex volume! (a "drag circle"?

EDITED: 28 Oct 2006 by PILOU