Some other failled fillets ... (or booleans)

 From:  Michael Gibson
1698.2 In reply to 1698.1 
Hi PaQ, yup that is probably currently the most annoying fillet bug, the problem is that it won't cross an edge that starts a small distance away from the fillet edge.

See how the seam edge of the sphere comes very close to the edge you want to fillet, but does not quite touch it? You can do a fillet radius up to the point where the fillet starts to touch that edge and then it will fail.

This is definitely the #1 biggest problem currently in fillets, when this one is fixed up it should be a pretty big boost.

If you rotate that sphere around so that the seam edge is something like this:

Then the filleting should actually work there.

The shelling looks like an example of the #1 shelling bug which is a problem sometimes when offsetting surfaces with singularities in them - that's with a surface that has "poles" in it where the surface is collapsed down to a single point. Once that one is fixed up for shelling that should be a good step forward in that area as well.

- Michael