Some other failled fillets ... (or booleans)

 From:  PaQ

Just a little report on a filleting failure. I know it will be fixed later, but I still take the time to report it, might be usefully ... or not :)

So there are 6 cloned spheres, booleans added to the bottle ... 4 fillets successfully created with 0.3 cm radius ... 2 of them don't what to be created higher than 0.05 cm.
I suspect it's a boolans problem in fact, but I can't isolate it.

Btw I have created this nice object to test the shelling function (in viacad), actually moi gives a strange result here (shell at 0.3 cm) (the exploded surface is on a sphere where
fillet was succesfully created).


EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ