Fonction Boolean "track" for V.2

 From:  Michael Gibson
1692.2 In reply to 1692.1 
Hi Alex, I think I understand - you would like an option to leave the cutting object in Boolean difference in place instead of having it deleted.

I should be able to make an option for that - I have added it to the wiki wishlist ( to keep track of it.

One quick tip for doing this a little more smoothly right now - try selecting your cutting object and then use Edit/Copy (or Ctrl+C) to copy it to the clipboard, but do not copy it into the model just yet. Then perform the boolean, and after the boolean is finished, then do Edit/Paste (or Ctrl+V) - that will save you the step of needing to hide any objects.

> It will be good that this boolean fonction create a light gap, to
> don't have any intersection of surface beetween base object
> and wished object.

Unfortunately it would be quite difficult to do this part.

One big problem is that it is just not possible in many situation to just move a boolean cutting object just in one direction to create a gap, here is just one example:

Even in situations where it is possible to do it, it is really difficult for me to automatically analyze all the shapes and figure out the right direction to move it in - you are not restrained to only do booleans on the "top" part of an object, you can do them on any location.

To create a gap, you will have to use the "Move" command to move the pieces along the direction that you want.

- Michael