From:  karter
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Hi Michael,

You are very welcome for the file !!

>> If you use MergeEdge in Rhino to merge those little teeny-tiny edges with their long neighbors
>> that they are smooth with, then that side will get filleted. I should be able to do that procedure
>> automatically, I have made a note to improve this when I can get a chance to work on it.

Yup that is what I did in Rhino to produce the other complete model in the file. I have been very
pleased with the filleter in MoI and have had better results sometimes than in Rhino......which is
one of the reasons I posted the example.

>> I do already have an updated library that I will be putting into V2 soon, which does have fixes
>> to several fillet issues. I don't know yet if this particular thing is fixed in that update or not.

Thats good - I will look forward to trying that in V2