Which version of AI on File-Import list?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1687.2 In reply to 1687.1 
Hi angeliclight, MoI should be able to read in Adobe Illustrator CS3 files, I just recently tested a couple that worked fine.

Do you have an example that does not work properly? If so then can you please send it to me at moi@moi3d.com, so I can take a look?

The AI file format did change quite a lot after AI version 8 (8 or 9 I think, I forget which one exactly), to become based off of PDF which is much more complex than the old style file format. So if you do run into problems it is likely that using an AI version 8 or lower type file would work more smoothly.

But I do want the newer PDF style format files to work as well, so if you do have problems please let me know.

- Michael