Ruler Display/View

 From:  Michael Gibson
1685.3 In reply to 1685.1 
Hi Brent, stuff for that will definitely be coming for MoI.

The ruler type stuff will just be called "Dimensions" in MoI, there will likely be a whole special Dim palette/tab for these in the side bar because there will be a few different types like ones for radius and angle in addition to distance.

I don't yet know an exact schedule for when those will happen.

> Perhaps the Moi version could display a standard measure set such as
> "width and height" per objects selected

Yup, I want to make that happen as well - the idea is that there will be a kind of properties panel that will show up when you select objects, to allow you to edit stuff like colors, etc... Also on that same panel I would like to make it possible to see the size of the object's bounding box and also allow you to scale the object by entering new values in there.

This selected-object-info part will likely happen sooner than the Dimensions part.

- Michael