Ruler Display/View

 From:  Oseegee (OCGEE)
I'm not sure this was discussed, but in Version 2, something that may be useful is a Constant View of a ruler in the upcoming Moi GUI that displays measurements similar to other views.

Here is some reasoning behind this. I have made many things in Moi (having a terribly fun time with my learning curve). However, I never quite know the sizes of things I make -all guesswork after initial creation of solids (see image: "03_Ruler View_Moi_has"). I have been creating .stl files then putting viewing them in
with a Myriad viewer that shows some measurements but had to manually tell the program what edges to measure (see image: "02_Myriad_Reader_Ruler"). This gives me measurements, however, this is not only slow but also unpractical for attempting to get correct sizes the first time.

Perhaps the Moi version could display a standard measure set such as "width and height" per objects selected (see "01_Ruler View_v02m"). This could certainly be calculated per objects selected with formula based upon distance from XYZ axis compared to dimensions of the objects proper. Perhaps, Moi already does this when creating new forms.

I did a search of forum topics from past for ruler terms. I think you had a recent thread that gave some sort of application that gives measurements, but I did not know how to use this/add to Moi application. Please forgive me if this has been discussed before.