MoI appreciation

 From:  beestee
Let me start off with a little bit of my background. I do architectural visualization for a living and use Autodesk Max and AutoCAD on a daily basis. Oddly enough, my path started in school with technical drafting. I have always favored the technical side of my job, at times focusing on the smallest details so intently that I get caught up in the correct representation of details which usually will show up as <1 pixel in the final imagery.

MoI has taken me back to what I love about technical drawing without the need to untrain myself of the innacuracies that I have picked up from my arch vis experience. I romped around in the open beta a little over a year ago and was very impressed, but really never took the time to draw anything meaningful. I had a little extra time recently and decided to jump back in only to find that the beta was over and there were 2 demo versions. I thought to myself that all I would really do with it is play around a bit so I don't really need to be able to save anything, I will just get the no-save demo so that I can mess with it in the future as well.

I had my SanDisk Clip MP3 player sitting on my desk so I decided to give it a go. About an hour later, I had the thing drawn and had expanded my knowledge and appreciation of this program 100 fold...needless to say, I was frustrated at my decision to opt for the no-save demo version.

I was hooked, and wanted to be able to save my work, so I put down the money for it. I have been very pleased with the purchase. MoI is what I consider a near perfect marraige of the accuracy I can get from AutoCAD with the simplicity of a program like Sketch-Up, and then my experience with Max even segways with the MoI interface surprisingly well.

I have just used the program for the first time on one of my production projects and was very pleased with the export options. I keep digging in this gem of a program and find treasure after treasure, and then I come here and read about all of the developments that we may see in v2. I have a pretty large project coming up in which MoI will probably see some pretty heavy technical use, and I hope to be able to share some VRay rendered imagery from it.

Thanks for the great program, keep up the good work, and I very much look forward to seeing v2!

Your customer,
Benjamin Steinert

P.S. I love the construction lines feature just the way it is...don't complicate it too much :)

EDITED: 12 Jun 2008 by BEESTEE