Trim Question

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
Hi All,
Have noticed for a while now when a surface is trimmed the control points are still there from the original surface, so does this mean that the underlying surface is still there, somewhere? I've seen in the hidden secrets it has 'shrink trimmed surfaces' tip and mentions underlying untrimmed surfaces. Petr has this in the wishlist.

I couldn't find in the 'wishes' post an explanation if it is possible to untrim a surface (Michael). If we were able to untrim these surfaces, it would help immensely in repair work, or is that underlying surface gone forever ?

For example I read in another post someone wanted to change a chamfer size after opening an already saved model, we could then separate these surfaces that have the chamfer applied, then untrim to original form, join, then apply the new chamfer size.