component system......(moi and Sketchup!)

 From:  Michael Gibson
1676.5 In reply to 1676.3 
Hi Peter, that will kind of work in the first v2 beta with planar surfaces, because a whole bunch of commands including array are able to use a plane surface's orientation if you snap picked points on to them.

For example here is a circle that I drew on an angled (non-world axis aligned) box, then used Array:

Because I snapped the array unit cell rectangle on to the plane there, it used that plane's orientation for the array command instead of the viewport's construction plane like it normally would.

This kicks in with a whole bunch of commands that get planes as part of their input, like circle drawing, rectangle drawing, .... that happens to include array as well.

I still need to do a few tune-ups to this, it is a pretty wide ranging change that affects a lot of stuff.

In the future I do want to have a specialized "Array on surface" command as well, but it will be focused more on arraying along curved surfaces, for planar surfaces doing the above or setting a custom cplane and using the regular array grid would be the way to do it.

- Michael