From:  Michael Gibson
1660.2 In reply to 1660.1 
Hi PaQ,

> but I'm hopping that the nature of nurbs may help to create really
> accurate uv's ... somehow.

Well, the thing is the ones that you are getting right now that you don't like are the ones that come automatically from the NURBS structure...

Pretty much all the things you want there are not really connected in any way to NURBS, basically to do those things means to process the UVs in completely different ways from the natural NURBS UV space.

> For the moment Moi is unwarping (and stretching arrrrg) every
> single surface from an objet in a 0-1/0-1 square, right ?

Yup - that is the most "natural" match from the built-in NURBS UV space.

But the nesting procedure should help with this part though, because part of that will involve trying to scale the UV area of a surface to a smaller area of the UV 0->1 square based on its 3D surface area

But basically that and other UV improvements are all kind of custom work that doesn't have anything to do with NURBS directly...

I have made an entry in the wishlist linking back to your post here, thank you for posting the images those really help me to understand what you would like to get, but it will take a bit before I'll be able to make progress on that.

- Michael