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It's maybe a little bit early, I'm just wondering how uv's will be improved in future Moi release.
I've read some post about UV nesting (packing) on the forum, but actually that's not a big problem
for me to have overlapping uv's ... until I decide to paint on my geometry of course.
Actually there is an other problem, and I hope it's something that will be improved somehow

I did some export test to see how uv's are handle actually ... so I exported a simpe cube and ...

wow ... first thing I don't get, why some face are receiving a flipped uv's projection, that's weird :o)

For me uv's is the most boring task in my workflow, really. Everything that can be done to avoid this step is more than welcome.
I don't have many experience with nurbs so far, but I'm hopping that the nature of nurbs may help to create really accurate uv's ... somehow.
The most important thing for me, especially when creating architectural models, is to keep the aspect ratio of every face in the texture coordonate.

But it's not the case actually. It would be so handy to have an option, where you decide for example that 1m = 1 uv unit.
So, when you create a small and a big cube, it will look more like this -->

That means of course that sometime the uv's will be extended from the initial 0-1/0-1 square, but every 3d package I know handle
this without any problem.

Does it make sence ?

Here an other exemple:

For the moment Moi is unwarping (and stretching arrrrg) every single surface from an objet in a 0-1/0-1 square, right ?

So a filleted cube will give this :

when I will expect to have something like this :

So for the moment I just can't use what moi is giving me, and for big piece of geometry I have to use some cubic projection, or atlas one.
But these projection are far to be perfect, especially when they a curved surface. So maybe something can be made during the nurbs
creation ?

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