CNC Manufacturing

 From:  buzz (BRUCE)
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I thought the architecture connection might raise a bit of confusion. Let me explain...

We are currently set up with AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Vectorworks (but will ditch it) and are gearing up to get Revit going. Your standard architecture - design & documentation isn't a problem for us.

However, we really want to focus on complex geometry and cutting-edge technology-driven forms in our practice; as well as changing the way architecture is 'done' - i.e. prefabbing custom parts for ease of assembly. This is a new...but not that new...concept. Every other modern day manufacturing process utilises technology to break new territory, as well as improving accuracy, ease of construction and increasing efficiency - except architecture. It is a common thread of dissertation in the profession, and we are going to do something about it.

That's where 'high end' (by that I mean having the ability to manufacture what you imagine with as close to nil limitations as possible) software comes into it. The general market architecture packages just don't cut it (hah - get it?) in this regard. Think Gehry (custom software), La Sagrada Familia (Rhino), SHoP architects (whatever they can get their hands on).

I hope this clears things up a bit.