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 From:  karter
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Hello Bruce,

If you are talking about 'high end' packages then I do not consider MoI to be in that category, however MoI
is 'high intelligent' and very capable which at V1 is incredible and shows huge potential !

SW is a good system and one of the high end systems you talk about. Your friends comment about Rhino is
quite frankly bullsh**t and he clearly isn't that bright....Rhino is not 'high end' but it is an amazing system in
the right hands we use it to good effect for Mold&Die but we also now use MoI not only for it's ease of use
but in some cases it's quality of surfaces :-)

>> and I've been really impressed with MoI and feel that to get on board at this early stage would really
be a benefit for us.

I would agree 100% here that is why we have bought into MoI and plan to purchase another seat in the
not so distant future.......sounds like an easy decision ?

Good luck.