CNC Manufacturing

 From:  buzz (BRUCE)
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I would love some more information. Not sure how to word this succinctly, but our company is at the point of deciding which high end modelling package we're going to invest in. It needs to have the crucial focus of complex modelling, with easy connection to CNC/CAM. We're going to have a site tour of the local CNC guy on Wednesday, and he swears by SolidWorks (says that Rhino is a child's plaything). I don't want to advise the powers that be without some good information.

From what I understand, and briefly seen, MoI is quite similar to Rhino (which would make sense, given your background) - and I've been really impressed with MoI and feel that to get on board at this early stage would really be a benefit for us.

Your input would be greatly appreciated. BTW - our field is architecture.