CNC Manufacturing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bruce - MoI is focused on the initial drawing and model creation type of stuff.

Your model data can then be exported for use in a CAM program, the CAM program will then usually be the part that interfaces more directly with the CNC, that's where the stuff like cutting toolpaths are calculated.

So MoI is kind of one step in the process for CNC (basically the earliest step where you actually create the model).

But MoI does export model data to the STL, IGS, and 3DM formats which are the file types that those CAM programs can consume, so it works well to use MoI for CNC type work, it just isn't a complete "all in one" package for doing both model creation as well as toolpath calculation.

There are quite a few people using MoI as part of their CNC work... Let me know if you need more information!

- Michael