Meshing - 'Avoid smaller than' adds polys ?

 From:  PaQ
Hello here,

It's maybe a misunderstanding from my side, but I don't get how the 'Avoid smaller than' can actually add polys in extreme condition.

I'm actually using the meshing tool too create some really low cage from my modeling, I need to create some simple collision for some particle simulation.
So I did some export test with different settings, testing the 'Angle' vs 'Avoid smaller than' parameter.

So far the best setting for my object is 95° for the angle, to remove every fillet from my hires model.

Here's a sample:

And the result:

However if I put 30 in the 'Avoid smaller than' (the cube is 100*100*100 units), it actually adds polys ... does it make sence ?

EDITED: 3 Feb 2010 by PAQ