Network? Coons Patch?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1652.6 In reply to 1652.3 
Hi Hbasm - well a rectangle is a closed curve, made up of 4 segments.

If you want to have a network with closed curves in it, you would need to have it more arranged like this:

where each closed curve is a kind of cross-section of the surface that you want.

To make a flat kind of "literal" grid like you are describing, don't use rectangles, use long single lines, I have attached an example here network_grid.3dm . Note how it forms some square areas, but those squares are the intersections between longer lines that define the full network, don't make a literal small square at a time.

If you did want to make a single square network, that is possible from a square by using Edit/Separate to break it into 4 individual line curves, then those 4 lines could work as input to Network.

Does that make sense?

If not, please post a .3dm model file with some of your attempts and I will give you some more specific screenshots and advice on that exactly.

- Michael