Network? Coons Patch?

 From:  Hbasm
1652.3 In reply to 1652.2 
Hi Michael,

Thank you for the fast reply! I think I must be missing something obvious. I'm trying to make use of the Network tool in the simplest ways possible:

In the topview, I make a grid of 2*2 rectangles using the Draw Curve -> Rect tool.
Each rectangle is positioned right next to the other, so the edges intersect.
Then I click Network and select all 4 rectangles.
But the function exits without any result or error message.

I try the same with a 3*3 grid.
I click Network and then it says "calculating".
I wait 5 minutes.
It still says "calculating".
Then I abort the function... (My computer isn't that slow)

I try bending some corners of the grid... Same result - it hangs at "calculating".

I try some more bending, so it forms a rough cylinder.
I cap the edges, so the shape has potential as a closed surface.
I click Network... And it hangs (or so it seems...)

I've also tried making "one" rectangle with a grid of 4*4 points, using the Draw Curve -> Polyline tool.
Still, the Network function exits without any result / no surface created...

Maybe I am going about it the wrong way. Cause I am doing it, as I would be doing a simple polygon mesh.