Network? Coons Patch?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1652.2 In reply to 1652.1 
Hi Hbasm, I'm glad that you like the MoI interface!

> I just can't get the network tool to work?

Could you please post a .3dm file here (or e-mail to me at that has the curves in it which won't network for you?

Basically the curves used to Network need to form a kind of 2D grid layout. If your curves do not meet up in such a way then it won't be possible for Network to sort them into the 2 different crossing sets that it needs.

It's kind of like latitude and longitude lines on a map of the world - the Network tool needs to have a structure like that, although the curves can be swooping around and don't have to be flat.

If you can post your curves I can give you some more information on why that layout might not be working.

> One more question: Is MoI a practical solution to model shapes
> as complex as modern cars? I realise the answer may be no, and
> I understand that no single tool is good for everything.

Well, it is possible, but MoI is missing a few tools for matching smoothness between adjacent surfaces which tends to make it difficult to get the final fully smooth result.

In general a complete car is one of the most difficult types of projects that you might undertake...

If you look through the gallery (, you can see a few different cars in there that people have created though.

- Michael