Select Control Points?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1642.3 In reply to 1642.1 
Hi Paul, yeah right now it is not possible to do that because control points are not really set up as an individually addressable object (with its own ID and own entry in the geometry database) like other objects are.

That's something that may be possible to do in the future, but I have hesitated to do it initially because it may cause quite a few problems with data size bloating because it would mean having a fair amount of additional information recorded for every point, and a large model may have surfaces in them with many control points in each surface.... Leads to a potentially large increase in overall memory consumption.

Because of those problems I'll probably have to come up with a separate way to address control points through scripts, I haven't had a chance to really get to that yet though.

> On the subject of points & adding points, I don't seem to be able
> to add points to surfaces only curves ?

Yeah MoI is missing that currently. In general surface point modification is not a major focus area for MoI version 1.0, but it is something that I want to fill in more in the future.

- Michael