Off Topic (sort of) LWCAD 3...

 From:  manz
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Hi Will,

>>Daz has dropped the ball with Hex so bad, I haven't bothered to reinstall it!

I am no great supporter of Hexagon (although I do use the software now and again), I was just giving a comparison to what I viewed on the vids.

>>They then added salt to the wound by breaking the shortcut keys for changing the SubD levels and adding "sculpty" stuff for Second Life (whatever that is...)

I looked at the latest version of Hexagon (2.5) but simply went back to 2.2.
The "second life" I do not know, simply because I have not tried to find info, but would say, I have no interest at this time, and would prefer a way to remove that tab in 2.5

>>Of course MOI is the tool I enjoy modeling with the most for getting concepts and forms out quickly so I can't help but wish tools like that were slated for it...

I do model more with hard surface, so MoI to me is what I want, but there will always be a "Could it do more" type of concept from me,.. really more a fact I would like MoI to go a lot further into the CG community.

- manz