Off Topic (sort of) LWCAD 3...

 From:  WillBellJr
I've ready stated my wishes that Michael would add similar "realtime 2d curve booleans" to MOI similar to LWCAD:

Now the boy done went and added realtime 3D booleans - oh the pain!

At first watching the video I was like bloody-ell? This don't look like much?!!

I do sorta like that new user coordinate widget thingy though! (May be some ideas there for Michael!)

But by time it got near to the end of the video with the realtime object booleans, my socks started to loosen up and fall down (precursor to socks getting knocked off perhaps??)

Anyway, I guess my question to Michael would be do these features seem like something feasible within MOI? (With Michael's own twist of course!)

I can imagine the calculations required to realtime boolean something must be amazing - I'm assuming LWCAD is working in the polygon domain which may simplify the calculations a lot.

Though for simple boxes and such, even in NURBS perhaps it's not that hard? But for "big" assemblies and crazy shapes, I'd imagine the realtime boolean speeds would go WAY DOWN?

However I do believe these tools are designed to be used as shown; creating new (complex shapes) from booleaning simple input shapes...

Anyway, I can't help but wish some of this realtime boolean stuff was in MOI...
(I guess I'll also be saving up my $99 for LWCAD 3 upgrade when time is due :-P )