Wish - Loft

 From:  Michael Gibson
1638.7 In reply to 1638.1 
Hi Paul, yeah currently there is no option to loft to a point, I have added that to the wishlist though.

There are a few different workarounds you can use to get that result though.

You can sweep to a point, so if you want to make something like a pyramid or custom cone shape, you can draw a vertical line and then use the "Pointy end" option in sweep. But that won't work so well for the kind of flat thing like you want here.

You can also select the edge curve, run Extrude on it, then turn on control points for the extruded surface and collapse the upper set of points down to a single location by using 2 repetitions of Transform/Align (one with vertical align and then one with horizontal align) - that will actually produce the same exact surface as lofting to a point would, let me know if you need more details on how this one works.

One other possibility is to turn on control points for your main surface and collapse the end of it in a similar way.

Another way that should work is to draw 4 lines radiating towards that point, then select the 4 lines and the surface edge and run Construct/Network to build a network surface there.

Another thing that can sometimes be ok is if you can split the edge up into 2 segments (you can split an edge into smaller edges by selecting it and running Edit/Trim and using the "Add trim points" option to pick a cutting point), then select the 2 edges and run Blend.

This is generally where you would want a "Patch" tool for filling in a hole like that - MoI does not currently have that tool (so this tends to be a rather awkward situation right now) but it is something that I want to add in the future as well.

- Michael