Wish - Loft

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
1638.5 In reply to 1638.4 
Paul, I was having a bit of a play around with 'network' but you could see the patch, then I discovered something with blend.
It's not a perfect patch, but almost invisible.

First I made this non planar surface with a hole in it.

Then draw these cross curves over the surface, which line up roughly through the center of the hole.

I discoverd you can split an edge using trim, the reason I have drawn 2 curves is because I produced 2 different results.
Pick the edge and use say the vertical line to trim with.

Found out by using this curve it split the edge into 3 pieces, which we don't want, when doing a blend, so use the horizontal curve for the trim and the result is that it splits the edge into 2 pieces (don't ask me why), this is just in this example you might have to experiment to see which curve splits the edge in 2.

Then use these 2 edges to create a blend G1 tangent and join the 2 surfaces and thats it, a fudged patch that doesn't look too bad :)

Edge Showing_____________________________________________________Edge Hidden

Anyhow it worked in this case, I don't know what you have modeled Paul, but it's worth a try and there's probably a 2 click method that someone more familiar with MoI will show, I'm still learning it.