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 From:  karter
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Hi Micheal,

>> All the selected points were collapsed down to a horizontal line. Now run Transform / Align a second time, and switch the
>> alignment option to be "Vert center" - this will now align everything to a vertical line, if you pick another point in the middle,
>> that will cause the points to be fully collapsed together:

I see what you mean now....Thank You

I think this method would be fine for visual rendering later but stacked control points are never a nice thing when doing more
modeling using that surface ??.

>> I'm going to be working on a kind of properties panel for selected objects in v2, and I want to figure out a place on that panel
>> to pop up a menu with a bunch of additional stuff for an object, this could probably go there

Sounds good. May I ask will that show things like number of selected items, properties of item, validty etc ??

All the best,