Wish - Loft

 From:  karter
1638.10 In reply to 1638.7 
Hi Michael.

>>You can also select the edge curve, run Extrude on it, then turn on control points for the extruded surface and
>>collapse the upper set of points down to a single location by using 2 repetitions of Transform/Align (one with vertical
>>align and then one with horizontal align) - that will actually produce the same exact surface as lofting to a point would,
>>let me know if you need more details on how this one works

I would like to see how you do this please ?

>>But instead you can use Edit/Trim and the "Add trim points" option to place just a single splitting point, that will divide
>>a closed edge into 2 pieces, between the start of the edge (which you can by the seam that runs along the surface)
>>and the split point.

Yep, I see that now Michael (I am sometimes guilty of not reading the options within a cmd ) that was going to be my
next question relating to curves & edge curves, it is sometimes handy to know the 'start point' of a curve and the only way I
can see is to extrude a dummy surface from the curve and place a point on the seam ?. Can we see an addition point
cmd in the future OR when points are turned on make the start point look a little different ?

I actually think Danny's original idea and yours was the best and almost as good as patch !!