Tank tracks

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Matsuo, if I understand what you are wanting, just array curve directly won't do that for you - you want to align 2 end points together as they go along the curve.

Array curve does not work like that, it is based off of a single center point and places that to be aligned with the curve tangent. That is not the same thing as sliding 2 endpoints along the curve.

So you can't use Array curve directly to finish your precisely aligned tracks all in one shot, it just does not have the "2 endpoint" style that you need in this case.

What I think you need to do is to first turn your curve into a polyline that has equal length lines in it. You'll use array curve to do this part - start with one point object (under Draw curve / More) on the curve:

Now select it, and run Transform / Array / Curve to replicate it at equal distances around the curve:

Delete the curve, leaving just the points:

Now use Draw curve / Lines / Polyline to draw a polyline snapping points on to each point:

Now I believe if you position your initial piece so it fits in position along one line, you can now select it and then use Array curve with the polyline as the path and it will align as you want.

Basically with the curve, the actual curvy piece in between 2 points was being used as the place to take the curve tangent from, but you wanted something straight so having a straight segment path instead of a curvy path will give the kind of thing you want.

Let me know if you need more detail on the finishing part.

- Michael