Something for manage object.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi pp - it looks like you're making some great progress with MoI there!

But yes stuff like that can be hard to manage right now. For v1 of MoI I wanted to focus most of my effort on making it possible to do simple objects quickly and easily. I haven't had a chance to focus much effort on handling large numbers of objects yet, but I will be working on that shortly for v2 as you have already read.

> I could make the copy and paste of several objet after texturing,
> in carrara but I found carrara harder to use.

This will probably be the best way to do this right now though - that way you shouldn't have to repeat your texturing work on multiple objects.

If you're having difficulties duplicating objects in Carrara, you might want to ask some specific questions about it in a Carrara forum, I think there is one here.

> PS : maybe you may indicate the new beta fonctions list for
> existing owner on your web site.

It's a bit tricky to do this since I don't have a completely locked down schedule or list - I have a lot of ideas and there are some major areas such as object organization tools that are definitely going to get a lot of focus. But there are a lot of things that can change as I experiment with different things and see how some ideas turn out. That makes it kind of difficult to produce a neat and tidy list right now of everything that will be in v2.

- Michael