From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Michael,
I had a browse in the gallery and quickly tried to match the works submitted to your list and I also visited other galleries on the web to see what catagories they use and some have too many.

My thoughts from your list:
Industrial Design: yes, it's an obvious one, maybe it could be broadened to cover engineering so maybe something like
Industrial Design/Engineering.
Jewelry: of course.
Architecture: of course.
Graphics: yes
Vehicles: other galleries cover automotive and aerospace separatly, and I know the definition of vehicle is "a conveyance that transports people or objects." but personally a vehicle to me is something that drives around on the ground. what about calling it Transportation.

I'm quite suprised Michael that you did'nt write 'Art' in your list of catagories, is'nt MoI "3D modeling for designers and artists". ;)

Anyway these are my thoughts, I'll just wait on what everyone else thinks.


Oh, one more, there are a few charactures in there so maybe Characters.

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