From:  Michael Gibson
1629.19 In reply to 1629.17 
Hi Phil, it's not horribly difficult to do that, but it would still take some amount of custom web site development work to add a commenting mechanism. That would mean postponing some of the v2 beta work that I'm currently doing to switch focus to that.

For the moment I'm putting a higher priority on getting some of the v2 beta work done, so new gallery mechanisms (other than categorization which I did build in originally but just not turned on yet) will probably have to wait for a bit.

It's easier for sites to do this when they have a web developer that is dedicated to working on web site improvements as their full time job. For me it is a very "part time" type thing.

But if you have any comments on a specific item or want to discuss something in particular, you can certainly start up a new forum topic about that and include a link to the gallery item in the forum post. That is one way that you can get some comments and discussion going if you would like.

- Michael