Changing XYZ (UCS) Plane

 From:  keebo (KSDIAMOND)
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Thanks Michael,
I've started using the construction lines, but in a slightly different way:
Once the oval is rotated, I extrude it to an arbitrary distance. i then use the separate tool to dissect the extrude and erase everything except for the original oval and the end of the extrusion. Then I use a construction line that passes through the center of both objects. This construction line essentially acts as a local Z axis to the plane of my oval. Then I copy and move the copy of the original oval up the construction line to a desired space. I erase what's left over from the extrusion and then I can work on my new copy by scaling and rotating it to how I would like the form to flow. it is still really difficult to manipulate the form in any other way, but I can assure you I am loving the program so far and look forward to how this develops. As I said before, I haven;t really come across any program where shaping conceptual graphics is really quick and easy. SO when I downloaded this program a few nights ago and already have an organic structure that I can place into sketchup is just brilliant. Just to let you know, I am studying landscape architecture and since we are more concerned about landscapes and nature we want our structures to be more organic and not confined to architectural sketchup, AutoCad, Microstation and the billion other programs that depend on straight lines and exact geometry. Also, we (I mainly) are interested in pushing sculpture qualities in the built environment whereas architecture is much more confined. It has been refreshing trying out your program and I feel much less confined by the program's features than other CAD programs whose intentions are so architectural and not sculptural (explorative), so keep up the good work!