Changing XYZ (UCS) Plane

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi keebo, thanks for posting those files, that helps me understand what you want.

But currently MoI is not really optimized for the kind of procedure that you want to do.

Please keep in mind that MoI is currently at release number 1.0 - the focus for the initial release has been much more for simple shapes and your many-sectioned snaking big organic rock is a really complex shape and not something simple.

Right now for control point tweaking you would have to do the painstaking method of edit the control points in an axis-aligned view, and then rotate the result into place.

Scaling is something that you can do directly in place though - you can do that with the regular Transform/Scale command, the trick is to pick the origin point of the scale in the same plane. To do that, you can create a construction line that spans from one side of your shape to the other - you do that by moving your mouse to one side where you want to start the line, then press and hold down the mouse button (instead of the regular press and release click type action that places a point), that will drag out a construction line. Then keep dragging until you reach the opposite side of the shape and release the mouse button over there. That will give you a kind of "chord" line going through the middle of the shape which is on that same plane, and you can snap on to a point somewhere near the middle of that chord as the origin point for the scale. Please let me know if you need more details on how this part works.

The first beta release of MoI version 2 will have a new editing frame which makes the scaling in this case a lot easier, there are some handles that appear around the outside of your planar object and you can just grab one and drag it to scale.

I do definitely plan on making it possible to set the construction plane to different orientations, so in a future release it should be a lot easier for what you are doing here.

- Michael