Changing XYZ (UCS) Plane

 From:  Michael Gibson
1618.3 In reply to 1618.1 
Hi Keebo, there isn't currently any way to change the UCS (which MoI would call a "Construction plane" - but I do plan on adding functions for this in the future.

However, there are also several commands that do recognize the plane of an object and will use it automatically. For example if you select your rotated ellipse and then do an Offset of it, the offset will occur in the plane of the ellipse automatically.

Similarly if you want to Extrude your rotated ellipse, the extrusion will by default come off the z axis of the ellipse's local plane.

Also in some situations you may be able to use Construction lines to help out to get a kind of custom temporary grid - you can generate these lines by pressing down and dragging the mouse button instead of clicking when you are placing a point in a command.

There are also some commands that let you pick points more in 3D directly, such as Rotate axis, so sometimes it is possible to use commands like that to perform things such as rotations around any particular axis by clicking the 2 points for it, rather than setting a UCS in place.

If you can let me know some more details of how you would like to produce the additional copy-of-the-copy, I could give you some more details on how some of these tools could possibly let you do that. (if you have a .3dm file to post as an example that would definitely help as well).

But for some things you may need to do more of your editing in the world plane and then only rotate your final result into the slanted position instead.

- Michael