Changing XYZ (UCS) Plane

 From:  manz
1618.10 In reply to 1618.8 
Hi Michael,

A user Cplane would certainly be good and very helpful.

I know you have your direction, but wondering (really just thinking aloud) due to what I do sometimes. Let me try to explain.

Normally for a user Cplane (in MoI) I will simply create a square curve with inscribed circle, I then rotate that to the Cplane I want, from that I have many options already built in to MoI. Other times, if I have a need to make more(a lot of) construction on such a user Cplane, then I will rotate all the model to one of the default Cplane. This does work for me, I am wondering if any sort of script could be put in place to manage that (I dont think so in V1,.. but possibly in v2?). To be able to rotate all from say a tri selection on a non-planer selection to revolve to base Cplane?

- manz