Bulge Values

 From:  Michael Gibson
1617.2 In reply to 1617.1 
Hi Daniele,

I've attached here a patched version of the Blend command - you can update your MoI installation with this version and then the bulge value will persist between commands like you want.

To install it, unzip the attached file to get the Blend.htm file, and then copy this version over top of the old one in the \commands subfolder inside of MoI's main installation folder in c:\Program Files.

I've run into the same thing before when wanting to blend adjacent surfaces, and I think I will switch this to be persisted by default for v2. I wasn't sure before, because I don't have a kind of "sticky" point near the center of the slider, so I was worried about not having a way to easily reset it to the neutral starting position.... But you can always enter a value of 1 to reset it so probably it is best to just switch it to persist.

- Michael