Extract Geometry

 From:  Michael Gibson
1614.7 In reply to 1614.5 
Hi Paul,

> I think Michael has left out extrude tapered as sweep will do the job
> with some minor additional geometry ?

Well, it's more left out just because I haven't had time to get to it yet...

One other method you can currently use in place of it is to do an Offset of your curves, then move the offset upwards, then Loft between the 2 pieces. See here for an example:

That's actually the same process that a tapered extrude command will use when I get a chance to make it.

If you're having problems with doing that, could you please post a .3dm model file with your curves in it? That would help me take a look and give some more specific advice.

> I have another problem which im not sure if setting related but when
> im selecting edges MoI seems to ignore where my mouse is and selects
> other edges not even directly coincident.....

I've heard of this a couple of times before, it was due to problems in the video card driver - basically the driver is not paying attention to MoI's request to not do anti-aliasing in one particular rendering pass related to selection.

If you go to your video card settings, under Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced, you'll probably see a section there for anti-aliasing, is it currently set to have anti-aliasing turned on always? If so change it to say "application controlled", and that will probably solve the problem.

Also updating your video driver to a newer version may solve the problem without needing to mess with any settings.

Please let me know if you still have problems with this or if you need more details on where the anti-aliasing settings are.

- Michael