Layers and new release

 From:  okapi
I have seen you mention that the next beta will include a new editing frame ( I have seen the thread on this).
This editing frame may be a nice little addition,
personally though I like the mode of operation of modo at the moment, and the toolset is quite sufficient.

In my opinion it would be really nice would be to see the progress on the layers and group system,
and on export and import capabilities.

I have bought one license of moi, as i really like the workflow, but other than to model bits and pieces here and there, I am not using the license very much.
I need to be able to be able to organise complex object hierearchies, and be able to communicate with other software.

Once layers are implemented, and I can export layers as separate objects or layers,
I could imagine that we buy a couple of additional seats of moi here ,and that we start actually using it for production.