V2 and UV mapping......

 From:  Michael Gibson
1610.8 In reply to 1610.7 
Hi Peter, I have been hoping somewhat to avoid having "per-layer" type property assignments, it kind of creates a messy situation where you just want to select one particular object and change its color.

Also I want to have a much more flexible system where you can have objects belong to more than one "tag", instead of a layer system where each object belongs strictly only to one layer.

With the more flexible system it also makes it more difficult to attach properties to the "layer" itself, because if you had an object on more than one layer, and each layer had different display properties, then how should the object be displayed?

There are many problems like this that can be avoided if the properties are attached only to objects instead of being attached to the group/layer instead.

However, I do want to make it easy to select and set the properties for all the objects that are all on one tag though, that should give a lot of the same per-layer editing kind of feeling but without giving up the flexibility.

- Michael