V2 and UV mapping......

 From:  Michael Gibson
1610.2 In reply to 1610.1 
Hi Peter, well one of the interesting things about NURBS modeling is that every NURBS surface does already have a UV space associated with it.

These UV coordinates should be already being exported when you save out to a polygon mesh format (except STL format which does not support it).

Right now each surface in an object will all be mapped to the same UV square, so if you apply a texture it will be basically mirrored like copies of the texture on each surface. I do want to add something in v2 to make each surface be associated with a small independent region of the texture instead of the whole texture.

But I don't know if that is the kind of uv mapping that you are talking about. I may need more information from you about what you would like to see for uv mapping inside of MoI.

- Michael